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Terms and Conditions

Terms of usage

By accessing our website 123hpcomoj4650.comyou automatically agree and consent to the following terms and conditions of usage. Our website contains relevant information, imagery and guidance for our users’ benefit. While our backend team can provide you with enough counselling for the services that you might require, you may not use our resources for any other purpose and for purposes that lie beyond these terms.

Services Provided

123hpcomoj4650.com and its associated services are for providing pertinent information about the printer and to help users understand and use the product to its optimal capacity. However, we are not responsible for any inaccurate or disparate information or content that may be published on our site. We do not guarantee the authenticity or delivery of any of the information.

Intellectual property and copyright

No third party has the rights of usage of any Trademark or Copyright of any information, website or design published by us. The resources are purely usable by only by authorized persons within 123hpcomoj4650.comand no other party or outsiders are allowed access to such trademarks.When you concede to the usage of our website and its services, you also agree that you will not alter, copy, reproduce, copy or create derivatives of the displayed works without obtaining appropriate permissions from us. 123hpcomoj4650.com reserves the right to contact you at any time during the process.


Any disputes that arise between the users and 123hpcomoj4650.com will be addressed in the respective states that govern such disputes.


123hpcomoj4650.com or any other associated group shall not be held liable for any harmful action that might arise due to your usage or non-usage of the site. These terms cover us from all such damage, claims and liabilities that may occur due to our guidance or services provided to you.

Privacy Policy

123hpcomoj4650.comhas published its Privacy Policy separately on our website for our users’ readership.

Code of Conduct

When you access the website, you agree that:
You will not impersonate or misrepresent yourself or any other entity
Forging or concealing the origin of any information provided by you is not permitted
Harmful, derogatory, unlawful, vulgar, abusive, offensive and obscene conduct is absolutely prohibited
The content provided by you shall not violate any law and shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability

Third parties

Users can access third party affiliated services through our website. 123hpcomoj4650.com is not responsible for any offerings or interactions that you make with such third party sites. Representations made by third parties are governed by specific polices, terms and conditions made available on their websites.


All subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, representatives, advertisers, agents, contractors (independent and otherwise) and brand partners, if any, are indemnified from all and any claims and legal implications that may be imposed by a third party or any other entity or individual. The indemnity could arise due to personal conduct or violations of terms, provision of content or any other violation of rights by another individual or group.


The reservation of rights to trademarks, patents, copyrights and any other proprietary information or right is vested with 123hpcomoj4650.comand are meant for operating the business. We will not allow commercial use of the 123hpcomoj4650.com site without written and prior consent from us.


If any of the terms come in conflict with the legislation and pertaining to the jurisdiction of such parties, their intentions will be determined by the legal authorities. In the case of any failure to assert any of the rights contained under these terms by anyone, then the right shall still remain in effect.