Security Issues On HP Printer

HP printers are one of the most trusted machines in terms of integrity and it is fascinating to see that miscreants are trying to hack into these. Such Security Issues On HP Printer often times occur in machines with faxing capabilities but not always restricted to them. Therefore, if you have a HP printer that is printing or faxing without any command from your side, then the device could be compromised. In such circumstances, you can rely on a Windows upgrade to overcome the problem. If you have any existing connection between the printer and your PC, we suggest you take these measures first.

Step to Overcome Security Issues On HP Printer

  • Between the PC and your printer, re-establish a connection
  • Any software related to the HP printer must be uninstalled
  • Re-install a new software or driver
  • This should be done using a Windows update
  • Re-connect all devices
  • Windows built-in drivers can be used here

Remove All Software

Once you disconnect the printer from your PC, you can proceed to the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Open the PROGRAMS AND FEATURES menu on your computer
  • This isto uninstall a software from the PC
  • On your computer, you will now find a list of available applications
  • Make a choice by placing your navigation arrow on the HP Printer Assistant app
  • Select the UNINSTALL option to begin with
  • Then, choose YES
  • Perform tasks for the instructions that follow
  • This will complete the uninstallation process
  • Check if the app is still available
  • If yes, then restart the PC
  • And then, check once again
  • These set of above-mentioned steps must be repeated for all such printer software and drivers

This is the first step in removing any Security Issues On HP Printer.


Reinstall Software

  • Note down the model number of your printerto download the relevant software
  • Open the support site of your printer
  • And then,with the model number, look for relevant software and drivers
  • This must be based on your operating system and its corresponding version
  • Install them on your PC
  • Now, move on to the next step

Restart Devices

Make sure all devices are turned OFF and restarted before you connect the printer to the computer. You could also use these guidelines for wireless setup for MAC.

Re-Establish Connections

  • To the PC, reconnect your HP printer
  • A wired connection can be of two types
  • Either use a USB or a LAN wire for this
  • Open the HP Printer Assistant application if it is a wireless connection
  • CONNECT A NEW PRINTER must then be selected
  • To re-establish connections, perform tasks for the instructions that follow
  • Using the POWER button turn OFF and ON again after a few minutes
  • Similarly, a restart must be performed for the PC too
  • Close running applications if any

Use Built-In Driver

In case, you are still not sure if the issue is resolved, then try making use of a built-in driver in the place of the one you just installed. Besides, this is a much safer alternative and in most cases, will resolve any Security Issues On HP Printer. For further clarifications or assistance in handling such security threats, you can reach out to our team at our toll-free number +1-888-597-9290 or visit our site