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Oj6700 Officejet 6700 setup the wireless and test it

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Oj6700 Officejet 6700 setup/ Involves Software Installation using an installation CD, downloads from the official website, connecting the device to an active Internet connection and testing the wireless connection.

Software Installation

  • Insert the Software CD provided along with the printer, open it and the software setup will be visible.
  • The software will be installed after you click the setup file. The oj6700 printer you purchase comes with the setup instruction guide which will provide you clear Instructions
  • While you proceed with the software Installation process, firewall messages will be displayed. Once you receive the option, Press the Permit or Allow option and the software installation process will be enabled

Oj6700 Officejet 6700 setup

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Wireless Connection for oj6700 Officejet 6700 setup

Before you configure the Wireless Connection, always ensure that the oj6700 Officejet 6700 printer hardware is set up. Onscreen instructions will be provided by the printer setup guide. Try following the instructions for completing the printer setup.

  • If you are a windows 10 user, choose the network option as either Ethernet or Wireless as per your preference and proceed with the onscreen prompts
  • For MAC users, insert the software CD, Click on the setup file and start entering the Network name, Username and the Password when prompted.
  • The wireless network name is SSID and the wireless network password can be either WEP or WPA. The Wireless network chooses the security options like WEP or WPA depending upon the level of the security required.
  • The security passwords will be provided at the back side of your wireless Router (if you have not changed the password)

Network Diagnostic Utility Tool for the oj6700 Officejet 6700 setup

  • HP also provides a Network Diagnostic Utility tool to check the wireless connectivity. The tool can also be used to retrieve the required information from your computer and is available at the HP Wireless Printing Center
  • Visit the website www.hp.com/go/wireless printing. Quick link section is visible, click on the Network Diagnostic Utility tool provided in the Quick link Sometimes the tool will not be available in all the languages.
  • Refer either to the documentation available on your computer or the wireless router if you are unable to find the wireless Network username and the password

If you find the above guidelines difficult, try contacting your Network Provider for connecting the Wireless Network

  • The Oj6700 Officejet 6700 setup is now completed and you can start printing your documents.

To Test the Wireless Network Connection

  • Power on your Printer and start loading the paper on the tray.
  • Go to the control panel on your Printer, press the Right Arrow and go to the setup settings and then the click on the wireless network option.

Try printing a Wireless Network Test Report to find the working status of the Printer, Status of the Network connection and the IP address of the Printer.

Follow the above guidelines for the Oj6700 Officejet 6700 setup  installation. Visit our website https://www.123hpcomoj4650.com and dial our toll-free number  1-888-597-9290  if you require any support.