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HP Officejet 6800 Printhead Problem – 123.hp.com/oj4650

Resolving HP Officejet 6800 Printhead Problem

Here are some of the quick and the easy guidelines for resolving the HP Officejet 6800 printhead problem0xc19xxxxx, the error code occurs if there is a Problem with the Printhead.

HP Officejet 6800 printhead comes with your Printer Package and assists you in the printing process. Problem with the Printhead can often cause the Printing errors and the entire Printing process will be stopped

  • The best troubleshooting step is to clean the Printhead before you start the Printing Process (123.hp.com/oj4650)
  • Start using the genuine HP inks cartridges supplied by HP for obtaining good quality printing results. Visit the HP sure supply website, enter the country or region, and Follow the onscreen Instructions to Check the Compatibility of the Cartridges
  • Remove the Printhead, wipe, clean it and install it again. Use a clean cloth to wipe the Printhead.
  • Access the cartridge access door, take out the faulty Cartridges and then replace it with the new one. Clean the electrical contacts and remove any accumulated Ink or the Debris accumulated on the Nozzles and contacts
  • You can use a lint-free Swab to wipe the accumulated Ink
  • Try performing a Hard Reset of your Printer by Removing and Inserting back the Power cord.

The following should resolve the HP Officejet 6800 printhead problem :

  • Remove The Printer From The Power Cable >Leave The Printer For 60 Seconds > Replug The Power Cord Back > Restart The Printer After The Warm-Up Period Gets Completed
  • Reinsert the Print Head if the error is resolved. Removable Print heads can be identified by the Latch. For non-removable Printheads, you can visit the links provided on our official HP website

Firmware updates:

Updating the Printer Firmware is another best method to overcome any printhead problem. You can also download and install the HP download and Install Assistant for downloading and installing the Firmware

  • Turn on your Printer, Go to the HP customer support software’s and the Downloads page, start entering your Printer model, select the Operating system when Prompted, Click on the Firmware and then the Download Button
  • Service your Printer Once to overcome the Errors associated with the Printhead. If your Printer is under warranty free service will be provided to you

Hope that the above guidelines can assist you resolving the HP Officejet 6800 printhead problem. To know more start dialing the toll-free number +1-888-597-9290 or visit the website at www.123hpcomoj4650.com

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