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HP Officejet 3833 Troubleshooting -123.hp.com/oj4650

HP Officejet 3833 Troubleshooting – Printer Printing Black Pages

Perform these resolutions for the HP Officejet 3833 troubleshooting when your printer is printing black pages. There are many reasons why a printer might print only black pages and we have tried to list out a few causes and some possible solutions to this issue.

The black page problem can be attributed to the following reasons,

  • Imaging drum not being cleaned properly
  • Poor contact between the print cartridge and the product
  • High voltage power supply is defective

Imaging Drum not being cleaned properly

Toner cartridges are like ink cartridges which are used mainly in laser printers. They have a life of around 2000 pages and have to be replaced for better printing results. The toner cartridge has an imaging drum that plays a vital part in your printer. If your black page problem was caused by the imaging drum, then try following the below given HP Officejet 3833 troubleshooting steps.

  • Remove the toner cartridge from your printer
  • Clean off the imaging drum
  • Replace the cartridge back to the printer
  • Check by printing a sample page
  • If the problem persists, then you will have to replace your toner cartridge

Poor contact between the print cartridge and the product

If the above troubleshooting method did not resolve the issue for you, then you must try this second method. Another reason for the black page problem to occur is because of a poor contact in the primary charging bias that exists between the print cartridge and the printer (123.hp.com/oj4650). If this is your issue, then

  • Take out the print cartridge and clean all the print cartridge contacts one by one
  • Print a sample page to check if the issue has been resolved
  • Else check if any contacts have been damaged
  • If so, replace all damaged parts and check by printing a test page
  • If the issue persists, try replacing your print cartridge

High voltage power supply is defective

If your power supply circuit is not supplying the correct negative voltage, then you might be prone to the black page problem. This may also be caused when the DC controller turns on the laser beam uninterruptedly. What happens is, neutralization of the entire photosensitive drum occurs which results in a black page. There are two remedial measures that can be used in the HP Officejet 3833 troubleshooting.

  • Try replacing the high voltage power supply PCA
  • Or replace the DC Controller PCA

If none of these troubleshooting techniques seem to be effective, then you will have to turn to our experts on the following toll-free number +1-888-597-9290. We are here to help you 24/7 to perform all your HP Officejet 3833 troubleshooting. Visit our website for more updates www.123hpcomoj4650.com

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