HP Officejet 3830 Driver Download and Installation For Windows and Mac – 123.hp.com/setup 3830

//HP Officejet 3830 Driver Download and Installation For Windows and Mac – 123.hp.com/setup 3830

HP Officejet 3830 Driver Download and Installation For Windows and Mac – 123.hp.com/setup 3830

HP OfficeJet 3830 Driver setup

Printing high-quality documents is now easy with HP OfficeJet 3830 printer and you can finish the work in no time. These printers are very fast and efficient letting us complete the printing task in a few seconds. Check out the below instructions to configure the HP OfficeJet 3830 driver properly prior to the commencement of printing process. Before you proceed with the driver configuration, it is mandatory to complete the basic and primary setup of the printer.

HP OfficeJet 3830 driver

Begin the Best Configuration Procedure

Find the steps given below to complete the printer setup in minutes.

  • The very first step is to get rid of the packaging materials that are available in and around the printer before the proceeding with the connection.
  • You should also ensure that the stickers, tapes and unnecessary items available around the printer should be eradicated completely.
  • Get the power cord from the printer package and insert into an electrical outlet.
  • Power up your printer and check whether the connection is efficient before moving on the with the control panel setup.
  • When the Welcome screen displays on the control panel, furnish the important details like date, time, country/region and language.
  • Once you are done with the control panel configuration, just install the ink cartridges and it can be done right after you open the cartridge access door.
  • It is very important to include the ink cartridges in a way that ink doesn’t spread after completing of ink cartridge setup.
  • Open the input tray door and place the stack of A4 sheets in a way that the paper width guides holds the paper without crushing.
  • Simultaneously, you can check the Scan settings by placing the alignment page in the scanner glass and tap Scan when the control panel prompts you to do so.
  • After that, complete the hardware setup altering other Control panel settings.

Connecting the HP OfficeJet 3830 Printer to the Internet

  • The instructions available below will let you know about the wireless setup in your HP OfficeJet 3830 printer in precise.
  • Commence the internet connectivity method by collecting the details of your wireless network like Service Set Identifier (SSID), WEP key or WPA security pass phrase.
  • When you are connecting the printer on a network, remember that it is essential to connect mobile and computer on the same wireless network as you will be utilizing the devices to connect with the printer.
  • Click Wireless icon -> Setup -> Wireless Setup Wizard and the icons are available in control panel itself.
  • Now your printer will search for the wireless network and click OK after it finds the reliable network.
  • You will get a prompt to enter the wireless password for connecting and sometimes, you will not be able to find the wireless network.
  • In such cases, click “Enter New Network Name” option and enter the wireless credentials before pressing the Ok button.

HP OfficeJet 3830 Driver for Windows

  • Switch on the printer and detach the USB cable if you are going to download the driver from the website.
  • Just navigate to 123 HP website or support HP website to download the driver.
  • When you are in HP website, you will be directly progressing with the software download and don’t worry about choosing the Operating system as the printer web page will itself detect the OS of your desktop to provide relevant software.
  • Only the recent software version is provided for a better performance of your printer.
  • After downloading the software, you can install it on the desktop by running the file as admin.
  • Follow the onscreen directives that appear onscreen and complete the printer setup in minutes.

Download Software

HP OfficeJet 3830 Driver for Mac

  • If you are unable to get the internet connection, you can also make use of the HP installation CD that was dispatched along with your printer. However, HP always suggests you prefer installation from the website.
  • The HP OfficeJet 3830 driver for Mac is very similar to the software setup mentioned above.
  • All you have to do is, visit the HP website and if the web page doesn’t recognize your desktop operating system, you can manually change.
  • After that, conclude the Printer setup by tagging along with the directives that are available on the screen.

Download Software

For furthermore setup, you can direct to our website 123.hp.com/oj4650 as there are several instructions available for configuration. Moreover, you can also dial the toll-free number +1-888-597-9290 to have a word with our customer support team right away.

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