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HP Office jet 4650 manual driver

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Manual driver Installation

How do I install the HP Office jet 4650 manual driver?

The software and driver are essential elements of the HP Office jet printer setup. There are two methods of performing the software and driver installation process.

  • Installing the software and driver using the Installation CD or DVD drive
  • Visit the official website to download and install them

HP Office jet 4650 manual driver

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Installing the software and drivers with the help of the CD or DVD drive

  • For installing the HP Office jet 4650 manual driver, check if the CD or DVD is provided along with the printer’s package.
  • Always ensure that the latest version of the software and the drivers are installed.
  • Power on your computer – here you will install the HP Office jet 4650 manual driver
  • Connect the USB cable at the prompt
  • Ensure that you have an active Internet connection – both your Printer and computer should be connected to the same Network
  • Use security options like the WPA or WEP for a secured network usage
  • Make a note of the Network Name SSID and the password which is essential for setting up the network connection
  • A setup file is visible once the disk is inserted into your computer
  • Enter the values or information at each step when prompted
  • The installation wizard will let you follow the onscreen instructions for completing the installation process successfully
  • The software installation is now complete
  • Start printing your documents using HP Office jet 4650 printer

Installing the Setup file from the link provided on the Official website

Visit the link to search for the latest software and driver required for your HP Office jet 4650 printer. You can run the setup file as an administrator.

  • Download the setup file from the link
  • Extract and place the setup file in your desired location or folder
  • Click on the setup file to run it
  • The Installation wizard is triggered

HP Office jet 4650 printer is ready to use and you can start printing your documents.

If your printer is not visible, go to the ‘Start’ button and type the printer’s name. When the ‘Add’ printer option becomes visible, click on the option for your printer to achieve its connection.

Follow the above guidelines for the HP Office jet 4650 manual driver installation. Visit our website and dial our toll-free number  1-888-597-9290  if you require any further information.