HP LaserJet P1102w not printing (USB)

HP LaserJet P1102w not printing (USB)

HP LaserJet P1102w Printer

When you are using a USB connection between the printer and the Windows laptop, you must ensure that the connectivity is secure. Improper attachments can lead to the HP LaserJet p1102w not printing USB errors. Additionally, the in-built features of the printing device, may not function at all. USB connections come with the advantages of multiple connectivity. Which means, through a single USB and port, you can connect to other digital devices such as cameras, drivers, scanners, and much more. If you have already tried using all your existing ports to print through the HP LaserJet p1102w and it still doesn’t seem to work, then you may want to do the following.

Warnings from the Device Manager

The Device Manager usually issues a YELLOW warning triangle when there is an error. Check the entry on the list of devices next to the USB controller. Before the printer is detected, you must try and resolve the issue on the computer. Again, your driver may not be correctly installed if you have just reformatted your laptop. Another possibility is that the USB port is not working. Check the manufacturer’s manual for USB port resolutions.

The Clean Install Process

  • Go to START on the home screen (but before that unplug the printer USB cable)
  • Here you will find the HP LaserJet Printer entries
  • Go ahead and UNINSTALL all of them
  • Again click on START -> CONTROL PANEL and then go to HARDWARE AND SOUND
  • From here go to DEVICES AND PRINTERS and remove every entry that belongs to the printer
  • Thereafter, go to RUN by clicking on START and type the following PRINTUI.EXE /S
  • After you press enter it will take you to the PRINTER SERVER PROPERTIES BOX
  • Check for the DRIVERS tab and remove all printer entries here
  • Now, at the RUN window type the following C:/PROGRAMDATA
  • This will take you to the Hewlett Packard Folder
  • Here too, you must remove all printer-related files
  • Now RESTART the computer
  • Thereafter, you can simply follow any instructions that you visualize

Printing System Reset

If the printer is not configured properly on the network, then you will face the HP LaserJet p1102w not printing USB issue. Resetting the printing system will change the configurations of the customized driver settings to suit the current environment. Additionally, it will remove all the files from the existing print queue as well.

  • First, do the following:
  • From this menu, click on the PRINTERS option and then click on RESET PRINTING SYSTEM
  • To confirm your choice, click on OK and the system reset process will begin

Note: As the process progresses, you may have to give admin permissions where required

  • Press the PLUS sign after that, select your printer’s name and click on ADD to append the printer again

Some tips

  • Verify if your USB cable connection is working or not
  • Ensure that your computer is plugged in and connected appropriately
  • Install all the relevant software once again if required
  • If you are connected to a USB hub, check whether it is really working
  • The hub and the device should run at the same speed

If you are unable to resolve the HP LaserJet p1102w not printing USB error, reach our customer support number +1-888-597-9290 or visit 123.hp.com/oj4650 and we will find a solution for you.