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/HP 2540 printer wireless setup and installation – 123.hp.com/setup
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HP 2540 printer wireless setup to work with printer cartridges

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HP 2540 printer wireless setup is cost-effective and provides excellent print quality, and Wi-Fi support (built-in wireless networking). The mobile printing feature on the printer allows printing your documents from mobile devices and the smart phones and can be accessed from any location.

Here are some of the easy guidelines for wireless setup

  • The initial step is to gather the essential requirements which include an active Wi-Fi network, windows computer connected to the network, Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable connection.
  • Power on your printer and simultaneously load the Paper and the cartridges. Start connecting the power cord of the printer to the rear side and to the electrical outlet.
  • Try removing all the protective Tape and the packaging material from your printer.
  • The papers should be placed with the print side facing down the scanner glass. Now press the start copy black button to align the cartridges
  • Software installation becomes an essential step in HP 2540 printer wireless setup. You can visit the respective HP Website and the latest updates of software’s and the drivers will be visible

HP 2540 printer wireless setup

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  • Find the required software, click on the Download button and your software will automatically start downloading. Before you start downloading the software, make sure that you have an active internet connection.
  • Try using an Installation Disc which supports the windows version of your computer. Insert the disk to your computer, click on the setup file to install your software. The installation process continues until the connect window opens. Software installation instructions will be provided. Read the instructions carefully for a successful setup and installation

The two types of wireless connections, which are available include HP auto wireless connect, Wireless setup using a USB connection. You can disconnect the USB connection once the setup process is completed.

Troubleshooting guidelines to overcome errors associated with HP 2540 printer wireless setup

Restarting the printer and computer, Confirming the printer connection and the network name , restarting the router ,  connecting the printer manually , setting a correct IP address for your Printer, removing any obstacles or devices affecting  the wireless signal  strength , checking the firewall software , and messages, placing the printer and the router close to each other are some of the troubleshooting steps  to fix  the errors while you  proceed with the wireless printer setup.

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