Fixed HP Printer Prints Extra Blank Pages for Word Documents

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Fixed HP Printer Prints Extra Blank Pages for Word Documents

HP Printer Prints Extra Blank Pages for Word Documents

This HP Printer Prints Extra Blank Pages for Word Documents issue is definitely trouble some while printing important assignments or confidential documents at the last minute. Here are some instructions that might help you to eradicate the error in minutes.

HP Printer Prints Extra Blank Pages for Word Documents

Antivirus software update

The first and foremost step is to update the Antivirus software in your computer system. Eradicate the viruses, spyware, and malware using the antivirus program. Many sites like McAfee or Norton will offer free online antivirus scan.  You need to proceed with the below-given steps if the issue resolves after performing an Antivirus scan.

Printer Firmware update

Download the most recent version of the printer firmware and update your device. Using an outdated or corrupted file is not suggested as it hinders the regular printer functions.

Uninstall the Printer software

Most probably the software issues are the main reason for the printer printing a blank page, so uninstall the printer software and install the most-recent version. Open the control panel and tap the “Programs and Features” option. Tap on “Uninstall or Yes” option once you find HP Printer name from the list of available programs in your desktop. Move forward with the onscreen directives and uninstall the software. Now restart the computer and check whether you experience the issue again.

Reinstall the printer software

The HP website will have the most recent printer software version which is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. Switch on the printer and detach the USB cable from the printer if prompted.

You can also visit site where the software is available. All you have to do is, navigate to the website and enter the printer model number.

You will be redirected to the product’s home page from which you have to choose the Software and drivers tab. Basic driver and full features software are the two classifications of the printer software. Once you complete the installation, print a document to test to confirm the elimination of error. If you don’t find any extra blank pages for word documents, you can wrap up the troubleshooting right away. Or try the next step given below to eradicate the error in your printer.

Print directly to the printer

Direct print to the printer is possible when you use the Printer spooler option which is available under the Printer properties. In your Windows computer, search for Devices and Printer options to move forward with the troubleshooting.

Scroll through the list of installed software and right click on HP printer name available in your desktop. Tap on the Printer Properties and click the printer name if you have connected several printers with the desktop.

Now you will have to choose the Print directly to the printer option that is available under the Advanced tab. To confirm the selection, click Apply and tap OK. This is an ultimate troubleshooting tip that will eradicate the printer error permanently.

If your printer still didn’t come out from the HP Printer Prints Extra Blank Pages for Word Documents issue, you can just talk with our technical support team number +1-888-597-9290 to find instant solutions for your printer woes.